I regret kissing her.

It was as clear as day that Shinji would die from hunger.

It'll probably take you about 10 minutes to solve this problem.

Even though we tried hard, we couldn't beat Jane.

...and sent forth the dove; and she returned not again unto him any more.

It is, moreover, very difficult to explain in any other way why there should be so much helium in the universe.

He lent me two books, neither of which I have read as yet.

I have seen various difficulties.

I'm sorry if I overstepped my authority.

The tires are very sticky.

We are currently working to restore normal service as soon as possible.

This problem was troubling us until last night when we found the cause and fixed it.


I hope all of them will come in time.

You might want to take an afternoon nap.

Leigh wondered how many pairs of shoes Lea owned.

He is of a serious turn of mind.

Some movies make such an impact that one never forgets them. Such is the case with "Life is Beautiful," the emotional Benigni film that mixes drama and comedy in an exceptional manner.

The scholarship enable her to go to college.

On December 12, 1949, the last V-2 monkey flight was launched at White Sands. Albert IV, a rhesus monkey attached to monitoring instruments, was the payload. It was a successful flight, with no ill effects on the monkey until impact, when it died.

I can loan you the book, then you can have a look at it. Maybe you will like it.

Just kidding.

I'm still not sure what you're looking for.

Customers haven't complained.


Nobody supported my country.


I'd like a full tank of regular unleaded.

Did you touch the bottom?

I really want you to be my friend.

Boyce is full of potential.

Everything seemed to change.

Are there any pens in the car?

You mean George Bush?

Florence Foster Jenkins was one of the greatest sopranos of the world.

Everything starts from the basis.

Frances denied having beaten his girlfriend.

If Martyn had been careful, he wouldn't have gotten killed.


With these we will fight.


I accept full responsibility for their actions.

In my second year of employment, I work for an IT firm.

Olof always has a backpack slung over his shoulder.

They're disappointed in their son.

He has recovered completely and is now able to work again.


It is nice to have a lot of friends.

He will be coming to the party, too.

The dollar was devalued against the Japanese currency from 360 yen to 308 yen.

Tell Shamim I'll call later this afternoon.

My father is not talkative.


What do you prefer?

Raymond just got here.

They forgave you.


She took the case into court.


You got shot, Eli.

Using Esperanto for international communication is the solution for preserving linguistic diversity.

Put the tomato salad in the refrigerator.

Where is the newspaper?

How long do you think they have been married?


I've got a ton of work to do.


I hope all your beautiful dreams will come true.


We got real lucky.

I know it's early, but let's go home.

The thing that impressed me the most in China was the Chinese.


It's almost noon.

Ole comes from a big family.

Let's see what we're dealing with.

Ask them not to go there.

Stan brought plenty of food.


I'm sorry, I forgot my homework at home.

Best regards to your father.

Kevyn raped the woman before shooting her in the head and leaving her body in the woods.

She left home early in the morning for fear that she would miss the first train.

Mother was in a bad mood since she could not play golf because of bad weather.

I want you to tell me everything you know about what's happening.

We take oil for granted.


How fast you walk!

The cluster of cells continued to grow in the laboratory.

Laurel says he's not coming.

You look very good in blue.

I think Ronni has done this before.

Will you really come?

My family is more important to me than my job.


Tal is going to start taking swimming lessons this summer.


You will find both of the books interesting.


Mahmoud's real name may not really be Winnie.

Dominick came to see me three days ago.

Because he's sick, he can't come.

Your eccentricities can make you either charming or tedious.

The old people got sufficient care.

There is nothing to be had at that store.

She spends her evenings in front of her laptop.

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It's a good school.

Weather forecasts are rarely accurate.

Does anybody recognize this?

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Joel is a very close friend, but he's not my boyfriend.


Now listen, children.

I knew what Collin wanted.

The minister worked hard on behalf of the poor.

How can it be?

When the time came to jump out of that airplane I was scared stiff. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would come out of my chest.

The wife and son of the statesman died three years ago.

Can't you see Rik is injured?

Maybe Malloy was wrong.

The ship transports raw materials from Indonesia.


This is legal.

I need a change of scenery.

I'll go see it.

The handsome soldier was one of thousands of clones of himself.

He is superior to her in math.

I don't want to eat with him.

Dan was fighting for his life.

Would you please help me translate this?

Marion might faint.


I have to paint it.

Can I stay at your place for tonight? I do hope my question is not out of place and that I haven't put you to any trouble, inviting myself out of the blue. I hope we haven't inconvenienced you.

I had a feeling you'd be here.


Why don't you go to a bank?

Pardon me, can you repeat that?

Let me help you clear the table.

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A fool, when he is silent, is counted to be wise.

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The inquest returned a verdict of accidental death.

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Lin is quite dedicated, isn't he?

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Thank you for coming tonight.


How soon can we get started?

The impostor has been caught.

My father is a teacher of the English language.


It wasn't until Jeremy left me that I realized how much I loved him.

Tell Phill to come here.

Justin didn't report the accident.

I have bagel and cheese for breakfast.

Elliott didn't give me any money.

Lois and Harmon have broken off their engagement.

An ancient manor, probably from the time of the templar knights, is the home to our family, and its outbuildings welcome friends and holiday guests all year round.

I can vouch for them.

He's prideful and arrogant.


I'll love you until I die.

Philippines is called "Pilipinas" in Tagalog.

I'm going to Paris.


Heinz couldn't have opened the door without your help.

She missed him a lot.

He likes to posture as an intellectual.


Jin, a fugitive, tried to make it to Mexico.

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I wish that were the case.

And so you think that's a good idea, huh?

How did you get that scar?

I bought new shoes at the shoe store.

You're too tense.

Yesterday work didn't get anywhere, we just kept making mistakes.

I must apologize to you for not writing for so long.


I asked for her approval.

His mother sighed with relief.

Perhaps we could talk later.


I don't like him that much.

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The power has been cut off since this morning.

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I can't hear myself speak.

I didn't greet you because I mistook you for somebody else.

I'll be there by eight somehow.

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I want you to stay here longer.


Hotta was out of town when the fire broke out.


James's question took Per by surprise.


Annie settled his account with the bank.